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Celebrate your favorite dog mom with a fun gift designed just for people like her. We combed online options for a high-quality, well-reviewed list of choices for every kind of dog mom. We also consulted with Rover’s Dog People panel member, celebrity trainer Nicole Ellis, for some of her favorite gift ideas for dog mamas. From breed-specific pillows to a “best dog mom ever” coffee mug, these dog mom gifts are good for Mother’s Day and beyond. Because dedicated pet parents need to add at least two dog mom t-shirts to their wardrobe. Maybe three, ok?

Dog mom gear is all about celebrating the bond between a fur mama and her furbaby, so nothing is too much: paw print purse, “dog mom AF” tank top“must love dogs” doormat? Yes, yes, and yes. Family members will just have to get on the dog decor bandwagon!

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 List of Top Dog Mom Gifts


1. Dog Mom T-Shirt – Click to Amazon

There are tons of cute, clever dog mom shirts available in a huge variety of women’s sizes. This crew cut choice keeps it simple for a multi-season look.

Buy T-Shirt on Amazon

2. This Adorable Hoodie – Click for Amazon

This sweet-yet-tough hoodie will warm a dog mom’s heart—and her dog, too. Pro tip: find out her dog’s measurements before you buy, either by sneaking a peek at her dog’s other sweaters, or you know, slipping in a quick session with the measuring tape when Mom isn’t looking.

Buy Hoodie on Amazon

3. Warm House Slippers – Click for Amazon

Buy Slippers on Amazon

4. Dog Mom Baseball Hat – Click for Amazon

How cute is this? Perfect for the trip to the dog park, or even for vacation when you can’t be with your bestie.

Buy Hat on Amazon

5.  The Perfect Sign – Click for Amazon

For the dog mom who prefers farmhouse chic, this one’s for you! Pop this cutie on the mantle, or near the front door and feel the “aww” every time you walk by.

Buy Sign on Amazon

6. The Perfect Scented Candle – Click for Amazon

Buy Candle on Amazon

7. Wine Tumbler For Dog Moms – Click for Amazon

Truer words have never been spoken. Practical AND cute, this wine “glass” is made from stainless steel, so it won’t shatter if your dog’s tail knocks it off the table.

Buy Wine Tumbler On Amazon

8.  Cute Dog Wallet – Click for AmazonIt’s the rare dog-themed accessory that manages to be sophisticated and cute, but this wallet does the trick!

Buy Wallet on Amazon

9. Pup on the go! – Click for Amazon

Perfect couch cushion pillows idea for a dog mom-to-be, a dog mom between dogs, or just someone who really wants to take her best friend to work with her (but isn’t allowed). The example above is, of course, an Alaskan Malamute. But click around to find other dog breeds from the same maker! Dog mother approved. Matches any office decor. Well, not really, but who doesn’t a cute dog addition to the overall look?

Buy Pup Pillow on Amazon

10. Dog Mom Ceramic Travel Mug – Click for Amazon

Move over, plain stainless steel. This simple, sturdy travel mug holds up to 17 ounces of hot or cold liquid and tells it like it is.

Buy Mug on Amazon

11. BFF’s For Life – Click for Amazon

People let me tell ya ’bout my best friend! This adorable necklace and collar tag set is made for the best of friends. Her dog will love it too!

Buy Necklace on Amazon

12. Dog Notepad – Click for Amazon

For notes, grocery lists or whatever her heart desires, this notepad is perfect for spring time.

Buy Notepad on Amazon

13. Puppy Bobble Head – Click for Amazon

How cute is this! Just pop this bobble head on the dash, desk or anywhere else that needs a little cute sprucing. Comes in different dog breeds, so take a look!

Buy Bobble head on Amazon

14. Standing Planter – Click for Amazon

Perfect for cacti, succulents or any other houseplant, this planter is simple yet adorable.

Buy Planter on Amazon

15. Wine Charms – Click for Amazon

Classy and cute, these wine charms will spruce up any beverage and the magnets allow you to use the charms on any type of glass. Did someone say girls night?!

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