When his marriage of 17 years abruptly ended, Bobby Humphreys’ life was completely derailed. The one thing that pulled him out of the jaws of a profound depression was his friend Connie and babysitting her son’s Chihuahua while he was in the hospital.

Welcome home

While trying to find his own puppy to love on, Bobby stumbled upon dog after dog in horrible situations— hurt, sick, pregnant and dumped by unscrupulous backyard breeders, and worse. So Bobby started taking them all in and turned his empty home into a sanctuary he calls Big Guy, Littles World, aka ‘The island of Misfit toys.’ You can read the whole story in Bobby’s own words here.


Rise and shine

Bobby hired Connie to help him care for his Chihuahua pack— currently up to 32 members thanks to two pregnant rescues. Give Big Guy, Littles World Sanctuary a follow on Facebook for more adorable videos, and to learn a little more about the individual dogs.

Relaxing with the pack

Hat Tip: Circa


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