Fill a stockpot about three-quarters full of water and set to boil. If the water boils before you’re done prepping, just turn it down to medium-low until you need it. It will perk back up quickly.

Rinse all your veggies well.

Snap or snip the ends off your green beans and set aside.

Peel sweet potatoes and slice into 1/4″ pieces, rounds, or strips. If you have a mandoline, this step goes quickly.

Put green beans and sweet potatoes in boiling water to blanch for 4 minutes.

Add ice and cold water to a large bowl to drain blanched veggies when they’re ready.

Prep sweet bell peppers by removing seeds and white pith. Slice into 1/4″ strips.

Remove beans and potatoes when done by dipping a long-handled strainer into the boiling water, draining a second, then pouring veggies into ice-bath.

When all veggies are removed from boiling water, add the bell pepper strips and blanch for 1 minute, then add to ice bath.

When all veggies are cooled, proceed to the drying stage.

On a large cookie sheet or sheet pan, place a clean dry tea towel or two layers of paper towel.

Place cooled veggies onto the dry towel, adding another towel on top and another layer of veggies on top of that until are the veggies are nestled in. Pat or squeeze gently.

Layer dried veggies onto dehydrator trays, taking care to make sure nothing is touching.

Dehydrate between 110-140 degrees for at least 8 hours.

If you want your sweet potatoes chewier, you can pull them out and continue drying your other veggies to the crisp stage.

When fully dehydrated, allow veggies to cool to room temperature, then pack loosely in an airtight container or bag.


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