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The moment that winter approaches and the weather starts to turn chilly, out come our warm stocking caps, scarves, mittens, and other cold-weather gear. We’re lucky that we’re able to easily layer up, snuggle under blankets, and start a cozy fire or crank up the heat.

But what about our pups who are chilly as well? You probably have plenty of sweaters and hoodies for your canine, but it might be time to pull out the big guns and grab a heated dog blanket.

Heated dog blankets are nice because they’re a bit more flexible than dog beds—meaning you can pull them up next to you on the couch, or store them away easily. Some of the ones we’re listing here lean a little on the heated pad side of things, but these products should keep your dog super cozy.

Not sure where to start? We’ve gathered some top-rated products that’ll cut out the chill, while your dog is busy chilling with you (see what I did there?).

The Best Heated Dog Blankets

Used as an extra cozy layer for your way-too-chilled-out pup, these blankets (and blanket-type) products are great additions to your must-have winter doggy gear.

There’s no need for electricity with this heated dog blanket since it has an actual thermal mat encased within its interior layers. This means that your pup’s natural body heat reflects back to them in order to make them extra cozy. Plus, reversible sides featuring alternating soft terry fleece and cuddly sherpa fleece, it’s perfect for snuggles on a chilly evening.

This blanket is also water-resistant should your senior dog or young puppy have an accident, and in any case, it’s conveniently machine washable.

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With the help of insulating polyester fiber batting as its magical heat reflector, this cozy heated dog blanket also keeps pets warm by using their own body heat against them (or more accurately, for them). Super easy to cart along on your travels, it ensures that your pup will be warm and toasty no matter where you are. This plush blanket is best for smaller dogs, and comes in either gray or red.

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This travel-perfect blanket is great in cars, crates, and anywhere else your pup requires a touch of coziness. There are no cords to worry about either, as this product has a three-layer, reflective thermal design that radiates the warmth given off by your dog’s body. This blanket is machine washable, too, making life just a little easier.

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Have an older pet who needs a little extra TLC during the chilly winter months? This super snuggly heated dog blanket is soft suede and plush cotton paradise for them. Reflecting their own body heat back on themselves, they won’t have to work hard (or at all!) to warm up. Machine washable in case of accidents, and versatile enough for traveling, cars, and the great outdoors.

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Offer your pet a harmonious spot to snooze with the help of this faux sherpa-lined mat that uses its thermo-reflective core to keep your pup warm. With a non-slip base, you can feel safe using this on hardwood or tile floors, and just throw it in the washing machine when it’s time for some freshening up.

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Looking for a heated retreat for your super-sized pup? Luckily we have this large pad and blanket set they’ll love to burrow into. This one needs to be plugged in, but has been safety-tested to make sure that there is complete temperature control (so that Fido doesn’t get overheated). The stainless steel chew resistant cord also keeps your dog safe, while the waterproof, anti-electric shock pad keeps them cushioned.

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Simple and snuggly, this snooze pad is made extra cozy with the help of a faux sherpa liner, and a non-slip base that keeps it from budging. Plus, the thermo-reflective core uses your pet’s body heat for warmth, and gives them their own little nook to snuggle up in the winter. Perhaps they’d like a nice book and a warm cup of cocoa?

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Another good option for large dogs, this heated mat features a built-in dual thermostat that provides consistent, comfortable heat. Warm and waterproof, it’s a cinch to remove the fleece cover and throw it in the washing machine—plus the cord is chew-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your pup harming themselves. This blanket is also tested and certified to exceed USA electrical safety standards for electric heating appliances.

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