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Do you sometimes wish you could turn over hosting duties to your dog? Take this short quiz to find out if he or she would be up for the task!

1. Your dog is planning the menu for the big day. What is his style?

a. Rustic

b. Clean and simple

c. Exotic

d. Classic and elegant

2. Which rule would your dog have for her holiday guests?

a. Make yourself at home

b. Don’t get in the way

c. Try a bite of everything

d. Wear a holiday sweater

3. What best describes your dog’s attitude?

a. Welcoming

b. Aggressive

c. Inventive

d. Organized
Two dogs by the fireplace. Jack Russell Terrier and Nova Scotia duck tolling Retriever. Christmas eve

4. How does your dog respond to a mishap?

a. Takes it in stride

b. Barks and growls about it

c. Learns from it

d. Has at least three backup plans

5. What host/hostess gift would your dog appreciate most?

a. A cozy new bed for the fireplace

b. Nothing; just your cooperation

c. A new treat he’s never tried

d. A 2016 day planner
Two charming Jack Russell posing in the studio in warm sweaters. Mixed media

6. What games would your dog want to play with his guests?

a. A nice game of fetch

b. He doesn’t play games

c. Something with a challenge

d. Arranging toys by color and size

7. What party favor does your dog send guests home with?

a. Warm doggie biscuits

b. A life lesson

c. The latest and greatest new squeaky toy

d. A decorated platter of dog treats

Dog bowl filled with bone-shaped

Mostly As: The Pioneer Woman

An excellent hostess, your dog is welcoming in the warmest way. Down home and rustic without a lot of flair, your dog keeps it simple. She knows how to make people feel wanted and loved in her home and never turns an extra guest away. She’s always ready with a wagging tail and willing to share her last treat with a friend.

Mostly Bs: Gordon Ramsay

Your dog may be a little rough on the edges, but he knows how to throw a party to remember. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to demand perfection. Confident, he knows who he is and doesn’t need to play fetch to earn your love. He can have an attitude at times and comes off a little strong, but deep down he has a heart of gold. His bark is definitely worse than his bite.

Dog with Christmas cookies by Shutterstock

Mostly Cs: Anthony Bourdain

Guests never know what to expect from your dog’s holiday party, but they know it will be unique and amazing. Always ready for an adventure, your dog is ready to try the newest food or hunt down a rare, lost bone. A willing companion, he will keep you on your toes and push you to try new things. Life is a journey, and your dog is leading the way.

Mostly Ds: Martha Stewart

The quintessential hostess, your dog lives to entertain. Elegant and classy, your dog has the perfect response (and outfit) for every occasion. She keeps her toys neat and organized and, while she likes to have fun, she never gets too out of control. Sure, she’s done some time in the doghouse, but you love her anyway.

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About the author: Samantha Meyers is the managing Web editor of DogChannel. com and For the past four years, Sam has spent day and night covering everything dog, all the while wishing she was, in fact, actually covered in dogs. When she is not writing, Sam bakes animal-shaped cookies, throws guinea pig parties, and collects tiny replicas of French Bulldogs. Sam lives with her husband Sam (also Sam — yes, that is correct), Huggs the dog, three rescued guinea pigs — Potter, James, and Griffin — and a robot named Douglas.


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