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Green beans are one of the staples on our holiday dinners, and everyone wants to sneak scraps to the dog under the table, especially kids! No-one wants their holiday to be interrupted by an emergency vet visit, so it’s best to know what foods are safe for your dogs to eat before you start giving treats.

While many of the foods on your dinner table are alright for dogs, there’s a few danger-foods that should be avoided at all costs. Make sure all raisins and grapes are locked away, and keep all chocolate treats away from your puppy.

However, one kid at the dinner table will inevitably want to hide their greens, and what better place than the dog’s stomach? Luckily, green beans aren’t harmful to dogs. In fact, they have a number of health benefits.

Why Are Green Beans Good For Dogs?

Green beans are stuffed with vitamins and iron, but they have very few calories in comparison. If your dog is looking a bit on the heavier side, slipping them a green bean might be a better idea than giving them bread or gravy.

We all want to reward our pets for being friendly and well-behaved, especially when we have guests over. Cooked green beans are the perfect treat. Unless your dog is particularly picky, they’ll probably enjoy being handed a warm green bean to munch on.

Veterinarians recommend cooked, plain green beans as a yummy snack for dogs, and for good reason! Trading high-calorie treats like biscuits for fresh veggies is a good way to give your pet love without ruining their diet. Some vets even recommend a guided “green bean” diet for overweight dogs!

When Are Green Beans Bad For Dogs?

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If served raw, green beans might cause some tummy upset. This is caused by lechitin proteins, which are found in most beans. Cooking eliminates these proteins, so a quick steam solves this issue entirely.

It’s also important to note that green beans contain very few lechitins, so one or two raw beans shouldn’t be a big deal.

Cooking green beans opens up some room for issues, however. If you’re serving the green beans to both your guest and your dog, there might be a conflict of interest because we humans like to cook our veggies with butter, salt, spices, and onions. Many of these ingredients aren’t good for dogs. Onions can cause blood problems, while lots of butter and salt is bad for your pup’s heart. If you plan on tossing your dog a few beans, make sure they’re plain!

Should Dogs Eat Green Beans?

The answer? Yes! When served cooked & plain, green beans are a wonderful snack for your dog. Veterinarians recommend green beans as a healthy alternative to traditional dog treats, and your dog will love the change of pace.

Mix them in with their food, reward them for good behavior, or just sneak a few under the table. Green beans are one of the few worry-free dog treats.

Do you give your dog green beans? Do they like them, or is your pup a picky eater? Let us know in the comments below! 


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